Simple Recycling

Click on the link to read about the company
Click on the link to read about the company


Tennis Sanitation provides recycling for our township.They have contracted with Simple Recycling to collect clothing and shoes that are in any condition for recycling. As long as the item is clean and dry, you can put it in the Simple Recycling bag, including both near-new condition items and those worn jeans, stained shirts, or items with a broken zipper.

West Lakeland Township encourages all residents to continue donating items to local thrift stores and charitable organizations. We support keeping the donated materials local and available to others in our community. This also supports jobs and training within our area. Not all residents choose to drive to a donation location. Simple Recycling gives you a choice that is truly simple and keeps materials out of the trash. 

  • Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing
  • Coats and jackets
  • Accessories (purses, jewelry, hats, etc...)
  • Shoes
Wondering what happens to your items? Read more. Click this link to read the more about the process.



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