Required Information for Building Permit Applications

Building Permit Application for New Homes, Remodeling, Additions or Accessory Buildings in the Town of West Lakeland.

The following information is required before a building permit application can be processed and issued.  Failure to provide the necessary documentation may result in the application not being accepted or being denied.

1.   A copy of zoning approval from West Lakeland Township, if needed.
2.   An approved survey or site plan.
3.   A completed building permit application
4.   A septic system permit issued by Washington County
5.   A driveway access permit for state or county roads
6.   Building plans, including energy code compliance
      form (2 copies)
7.   Miscellaneous information as required.

A detailed description of items 1 – 7  is provided below.  After a preliminary review, additional information may be required.  Allow a minimum of 5-10 working days for processing.

1.   City zoning approval:  Contact the Town Clerk  for further information.

2.   The survey or site plan must include the following:

      a. All property lines, lot size, front, rear and side setbacks on proposed and
          existing buildings.
      b. Floodplains, lakes, streams, rivers; classified and unclassified wetlands.  
      c. Topographic information including bluffs, steep slopes, elevations, contour
          lines, ordinary high water level.,
      d. Scenic, conservation, drainage, or utility easements.
      e. Township, city or county roads, state highways and railroads.
      f.  Existing and proposed driveways.
      g. Well and septic system location.

3.   Building permit application

4.  Septic permit from Washington County:  Contact the Washington County Public Health & Environment       
     Department at 651-430-6655 for an application.

5.  A driveway access permit:  Contact the Washington County Public Works
     Department at 651-430-4300 for access on county roads.

6.  Building Plans: Five copies of the building plans must be provided and must include:
       a. Floor plans:  Plans must be submitted for each floor or level including the
           basement, crawl space, or foundation; decks, porches and garages.  The plans
           must show the size, spacing, and direction of floor and ceiling framing
           members, beams, girders, columns and piers.  The location of all permanently
           installed plumbing fixtures, hearing,
           ventilating and cooling equipment must be shown.
       b. Exterior elevations:  Show all sides of the building indicating windows, doors,
           finished grades and exterior finish.
       c. Details and sections:  A minimum of one section detail for each type of
           construction proposed must proposed must be submitted. The details must
           show the materials and dimensions of each member from the footing to the
           highest point of the roof.  Details and calculations may be required for critical
           construction, details including beams, stairways, balconies, or other unique
           structural features.
      d. Truss and fireplace specifications:  Provide the manufacturers specifications
          for these items (if used) with the application.
      e. Energy code compliance form:  Submit necessary documentation showing
          compliance with the Minnesota Energy Code.  The Minnesota Department of
          Public Service can answer questions and provide forms on the energy
          code (651-296- 5175).

7.  Miscellaneous information as required:  A grading permit or soil compaction
     report may be required if significant parcel or topographical alterations are


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