West Lakeland Township Meetings
Audio and Video (A/V) Recording Policy

Township Recordings:

As a convenience to the residents of West Lakeland Township, audio/video recordings of Town Board meetings may be made for live stream viewing and, if so, will be archived for a minimum of one year for later viewing. Other township meetings may be recorded, as well, at the discretion of the Town Board.

All meeting recordings are for reference only. They are not the official minutes of the meeting, nor are they a substitute for the official meeting minutes. Unless otherwise announced, meetings are not interactive. It might not be possible to record or post meetings due to technical or other unforeseen circumstances.

Live streamed meetings will be online at the Township website.  Links to previous meetings will be provided on the Township website.

A/V Recording by Others:

In the interest of safety and to minimize meeting disruption for board members, staff, meeting participants and attendees, an A/V area will be designated for use by individuals wishing to record proceedings. Anyone other than township staff, personnel, and/or authorized party, who desires to record any town board or town sanctioned meeting, including but not limited to planning commission meetings is permitted as long as equipment is set up within the designated A/V equipment area and does not disrupt or impede the proceedings of the meeting. No cables, microphones, cameras, tripods, or any other equipment will be allowed outside of the area. An electrical outlet will be designated for use. All cables leading from the electrical outlet to the A/V area should be taped down. No microphones or cameras will be allowed on or near board and staff member tables. Individuals operating portable devices, such as the size of cell phones must remain seated. Portable devices larger than a cell phone must be confined within the A/V designated area. Other considerations may be implemented depending upon the situation and circumstances. This policy will go into effect immediately.

Rev: 4-8-2024

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