What to Do with Hard to Dispose of Items

What to Do With Hard to Dispose of Items

If you have materials to dispose of that might be recyclable, click on this link, Going Green Guide to see how to properly dispose of the material.

Option 1: CURBSIDE

West Lakeland Township organizes an annual Curbside Cleanup Week in conjunction with local haulers who agree upon discounted rates for removal of various large, unwanted items.  The event typically occurs mid-May; watch your mail for a green postcard reminder in April or check back to the website. 

Curbside collection is also available through your waste hauler throughout the year. Call them for pricing. 

Option 2: DROP-OFF

There are many disposal options available that are drop-off locations. Check for options online using the Washington County's Disposal Directory..

Click on the link below to see if your item is accepted for free disposal at the Washington County Environmental Center.


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